Tweet: The Great American Novelty

Dive into the internet from the comfort of a book. This carefully curated collection of tweets spans the years 2009 to 2020. Enjoy as Rachel guides you on a journey from adolescence to adulthood in this coming-of-age tale—with no topic left untweeted.


“Caution: get ready for explosive laughter! Rachel has a unique way of seeing herself and the world around her. Her talent of putting these thoughts into words is extraordinary. Drinking wine while reading TWEET is dangerous as I laughed so hard I spilled my wine all over the book…Buy this and thank me later!”

Barnes & Noble Review

“Through Rachel’s eyes, the seemingly ordinary happenings of daily life become wry observations of her world, expressed concisely through years of tweets. This quirky book is a fun and easy read —after all, it’s a compilation of tweets!”

Barnes & Noble Review

“My mom has dementia and isn’t really finding a lot of joy right now, but last night she started reading your book and was giggling like a schoolgirl.”

Andrew B.

“Great book!”

Jenna R.
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