Goal: Knit Something

Knitting something sounded like the perfect thing to kick off my year of trying things. It was a snowy month which is perfect for knitted goods.

Backstory: I’ve knitted before. That’s right. In second grade, Joseph’s grandma taught us how to knit and crochet. I never learned how to crochet because I managed to make knit stitches on my crochet hook and Joseph’s grandma was both awed and terrified by my yarn powers.

I used my knitting powers to knit ugly, stringy scarves that were both fashionless and functionless. So my challenge for January was to make a real knitted item. Because I had already knitted, I decided to alter the challenge and crochet.

I kept a crochet diary during January and will present it along with pictures.

Friday, January 4th

Wondering about knitting. Should I crochet instead? Both? Great questions!

Should I film my adventures? I’ll never make a compilation video. Maybe I’ll just take pictures.

Saturday, January 5th

I found myself at Joanns. I acquired two things (scanes?) of yarn and a smaller pair of knitting needles.


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  • Lion brand yarn review
  • Difference in crochet hooks
  • Beginner knitting needles
  • Sock knitting needles

Wednesday, January 9th

Home sick with a weird stomach thing so I had time to practice crochet, yes, crochet. I used old yellow yarn I’ve had since 2nd grade (when we knitted and crocheted for a day when Joseph’s grandma came to school and taught us). I crocheted during Beauty and the Beast. Great experience.


  • How to crochet
  • How to start a new crochet row
  • How to finish crochet
  • Crochet ideas/patterns for beginners
  • Beginner sock pattern crochet
  • Beginner bully yarn crochet (misspelled bulky so the search results were unhelpful)

Monday, January 14th

I’ve learned that bulky yarn is not the proper yarn for socks. I’ve given up on the sock dream since I’ve already rolled my bulky yarn into a ball and made it unreturnable. And it’s very soft.

Also learned my tiny crochet hook is too small for bulky yarn (very difficult material but SO SOFT) so I went to Hobby Lobby/hell and bought a bigger one. Ran into my fellow intern’s old boss.

Why is Hobby Lobby the way it is? Why is yarn sold in a skein when you have to roll into a ball to use? Do I have to roll yarn into a ball? My cat likes it–very stereotypical.


  • Yarn thickness
  • Bulky yarn crochet hook
  • Bulky yarn crochet ideas
  • How to start crochet
  • How to spell yarn scain (answer: it’s skein)

P.S. I’m making a scarf. Started it during the Blazer game. S/O to Crochet Guru/Bobby on YouTube!

Tuesday, January 15th

Got a few more rows done on my scarf. It’s looking scarfy. I decided to show the people of Instagram my progress via Instagram Live. I think only three people saw but I thoroughly enjoyed rambling on to myself for an extended period of time. It was intended to be me sitting quietly crocheting but that seemed boring immediately. Booyah. I am #resolutioning.

Thursday, January 17th

I crocheted to the end of my skein.

Friday, January 18th

I went and traded in my green skein for more charcoal yarn. Thought I would get to crochet more tonight but I hosted guests for 6 hours after work.

Saturday, January 19th

I missed the Blazer game last night due to house guests so I watched it this morning whilst crocheting. Jake Layman scoring 20 points and me crocheting 20 rows.

Sunday, January 20th

I crocheted this afternoon. Ashley [my cat] took a nap on my scarf so it must be both good and comfortable. Maybe it’ll just end up being a cat blanket.

I asked a lady tonight why yarn comes in skeins and not balls. She didn’t know. The guy next to me recommended I sell yarn balls at a higher price. This idea is worth looking into.

Monday, January 21st

Crocheted during the Blazer game (we won over Jazz for 1st time this season, much needed). I got so into the game, my crocheting got sloppy and I was somehow adding stitches. No bueno. Lesson learned: Give all attention to a Blazers comeback.

Monday, February 4th

I finished my scarf of Saturday. I spent the Monday or Tuesday previous going to Joanns (again) and getting some solid crochet work done while watching The Duchess. Saturday morning, I added a couple more rows and crocheted the two ends together.

I also had an Instagram Live where I talked about the scarves and the dogs I’m watching and my upcoming challenge: new food every week.


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Post January

Hi! Since crocheting in January a few things have happened that are crochet-related. They will tie up a few loose ends for you, my readers.

  1. I learned why yarn is sold in skeins and not in balls. A ball of yarn applies tension to the yarn which isn’t good for long-term storage. Skeins keep the yarn loose. Yarn should be kept in skeins until ready for crafting. Important life question = answered.
  2. It snowed in Oregon this February and got real cold. I had a new scarf.
  3. My sister asked me to teach her how to crochet in April. My new skills x Crochet Guru’s YouTube page are a crafting force to be reckoned with.

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