Not many people spend their time pondering the complex and progressive musical ideas Johann Sebastian Bach penned in the 17th and 18th centuries. But I do.

Bach was a talented organist and composer. He worked at a variety of courts and churches during his lifetime as a composer and performer. While Bach was working, he wrote over 1,000 pieces of music (in comparison, the Beatles wrote 275). Bach did not write simple pop tunes either, his compositions are mathematically the most complex music we know of. Wild.

Stories of creative geniuses both impress me and discourage me. I like to think of myself as smart and creative, but I often feel like I’m achieving less than my full potential. That is because I’m limiting my creative process.

How did Bach write so many complex pieces? First off, he was a genius, so there’s that. Second, he chose to be creative.

Bach did not wait for inspiration to strike. He had deadlines. The man was creative within his constraints and that is often what spurs on the best creativity. Having boundaries, rather than a complete lack of structure, allows us to think more creatively because it is a challenge.

Levels of creativity may vary but everyone has the choice to be creative. If we spend our time waiting for inspiration, it will rarely come. The pursuit of creativity is left to the artist.

Creativity is not limited to the arts. Though it is often easier to appreciate artistic creativity, the dental hygienist, the janitor, the project manager, the computer scientist, and parents all have jobs that require creativity. There is a choice to be creative or to remain in the mundane.

How do you implement creativity into daily routines? Well, I made a list for you about creativity and achieving goals. You are welcome.


There are many ways to be creative in your daily routine. Maybe it’s making a process more efficient or creating a new way to be relational with people. Perhaps its finding a solution for a problem you have that could also benefit others. If you take time to think about what could use creativity then brainstorm ideas to fix it, creativity will happen.

Discuss with others

Other people have great ideas too. Surprise! Discussing ideas with others is beneficial because it allows for a new set of eyes, a different opinion, and additional resources. Don’t be afraid to share. Discussion may take ideas in a completely different direction than you originally expected. So, don’t be selfish: share.

Set specific goals

I am not naturally a good goal setter, but I have learned the importance of setting specific and achievable goals. A goal should have clear direction, it should establish what will determine the goal as complete, and it should include a time frame. Setting such specific goals will set a direction and be easier to follow. Side note: be flexible with your goals because things will change. Lastly, making goals public will increase the likelihood of their completion. A public declaration will establish a more significant commitment to our goals.

Less is more

When you start getting creative, the sky is the limit. Unfortunately, that can feel overwhelming. Choose one or two tasks to accomplish and do them well. You are not the ultimate super-multitasker nor are you Beyoncé, so take on less and you will have higher quality work.

Stay focused on the task at hand

Are you a person? Then you probably get distracted. There are twenty other things you think you should be doing right now (and you are reading this rather than doing them, so thank you). Take on one task at a time. Devote your mental energy and creativity to a singular focus, not twenty. Give yourself set time to work on projects and you will be much more successful.


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