Hello, it is I, the Queen of New Year’s Resolutions.

Presumptuous? As if. I’m only giving myself the title because the shoe fits.

2017 was the year I resolved to tell people when they had something stuck in their teeth. Not only did I become bold enough to tell people about spinach stuck in their teeth in tense situations, I become gutsy enough to tell people when their zipper was down. One simple resolution made me the confident woman I am today. I refuse to let people walk away from an interaction with me looking like a fool.

2018 was the year I resolved to floss everyday. After 15 days of the resolution, I went into the dentist expecting praise and admiration only to find out my flossing technique was ineffective. Thus, I trained for my 6-month check-up and impressed my hygienist in July.

I wanted to do something a bit different in 2019 with my resolution so I asked my loyal Instagram followers for help. I asked for suggestions for new thing to try each month.

I received an abundance of ideas, many of which I will need help executing. If, while reading my list, you see something you suggested, something you know about, or something you want to try with me, let me know! Give me a call, text, or email so we can get connected (and conveniently, there is a contact form on my blog).

Now, without further ado, I present to you Rachel’s 2019 Resolu-fun List.

Rachel’s 2019 Resolu-fun List

January – Knit something

It was recommended I start small, like a pair of socks. Perhaps a sweater if I feel ambitious. If you having knitting tips, it would behoove you to let me in on the secrets of the trade.

February – Try a new food every week

I am looking to try the best foods from around the world. If you know any hip food spots around Portland, send your recommendations my way. Or better yet, join me in my quest!

March – Volunteer

I would like to volunteer for at least two different organizations in March. If there is an organization near and dear to your heart, I would love to hear about it and get connected.

April – Take ballet lessons

My only experience with ballet is watching the Nutcracker every other December. Frankly, I’m not sure I have the quads ballet dancing takes. Nevertheless, I will be seeking out classes/lessons. If you know of a good place for adult beginners or if you happen to teach ballet, I am offering myself as a student.

May – Journal every day

I received a couple suggestions about keeping a journal. I plan on travelling abroad in May, so this seemed like a great thing to do whilst trotting around the globe!

June – Write a book

Challenge accepted. I’ve secretly always wanted to write a children’s book. If you are reading this and have always wanted to illustrate a children’s book, I think we could be a dynamic duo.

July – Build a robot

Simone Giertz is the inspiration for this challenge. She builds useless robots and, this July, I will also attempt to build a useless robot. My non-mechanical-engineering brain paired with someone who can actually build a robot could potentially be the dream team the robotics industry has been waiting for.

But seriously, if you can robot, please help me. Please.

August – Skydive

I’ve not-so-secretly always wanted to skydive. Please don’t tell my grandma about this; I don’t think she would want me jumping out of a plane.

September – Climb Mount St. Helens

Let’s do it. Unless the mountain erupts again.

October – Write a poem and share at a poetry night

This thought has never crossed my mind even though I write poetry (that’s right, I even post some of it to my blogio). If you have the inside scoop on where/how/when poetry nights occur, please let me know. If you’ve wanted to share your poetry but don’t have the guts, come with me. There is safety in numbers.

November – Go on a solo trip

I will be going by myself. Don’t even try to tag along. Not looking for safety in numbers in November.

December – Practice daily meditation

I am pretty stoked about meditating. If there are certain meditative practices you recommend, please share!

7 thoughts on “Resolution

  1. Dude! I’ve always wanted to illustrate a children’s book!! I do realize I could comment on Facebook, but what fun is that? Gotta put this handy box to use.

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  2. Journaling every day in May seems like a fine thing, but I would suggest starting in January, even if not daily – document your resolution-fun journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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